Being Real: Sharing Your Faith Without Losing Your Friends

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I mention the specific verse in Psalms that got me through the night of fear. With strangers who care about spirituality but not religion, I share specific Christian practices that make my life richer. With Buddhists, for instance, I talk about the virtue of humility and how some spiritual paths produce humility more naturally. I might explain how a higher being naturally builds my humility he is greater than I or mention how God humbled himself Phil.

Prayer throughout Scripture includes labor and silence, wondering and engagement with a person who sees the beginning and end, who loves with kindness and empathy and who knows how to weave darkness into light. Next time I saw her I asked her about the situation. She knew my prayer meant something different. Where has Jesus given you a tip or a motivation, a comfort or a direction that makes a difference in your today?

Have YOU lost faith in God?

From one introvert who prefers talking about new recipes and her son to relying on her philosophy of religion degree, let me be completely frank—sharing good news is as simple and complex as being honest about God. He is the best example, full of questions, ready to stop and listen.

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How does Jesus speak to the woman behind the conveyor belt who is alone in the heat of the day, thirsty for living water? Church Jobs Shop Subscribe. Sign in.

The Top 10 Most Powerful Bible Verses about Friendship

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How to Pray for Your Pastor. How to Develop Relational Charisma.

10 Easy Ways to Share Your Faith with Anyone Without Embarrassment

Latest News. In some environments, even simply admitting you are a Christian can seem like it will make things weird. But as a believer, you love Jesus and He loves you.

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Have confidence in this. Movies on Friday night? Church on Sunday morning?

Share Your Faith Without Losing Your Friends

More specifically, if someone happens brings up the subject of church or asks if you believe in anything, be straight with them. We believe in God, our Father in Heaven; we believe the world fell to sin and was saved through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Son; we believe in the Holy Spirit and His presence in every moment of our lives; and we believe we can have eternal life and find unity with God by believing in Him and accepting Him as our savior.

Perhaps you can invite the person for more discussion at a nearby coffee shop or over lunch.

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Having an answer at the ready is wise as Peter points out in 1 Peter , but knowing when to share is just as important. A a. Monday morning marketing meeting is probably not the best time or place to start declaring the word of God or to ask if someone needs prayer. One of our best testimonies at work or out with friends is easy and effective: Love others, love God, work hard, and people will notice. Regardless, work and personal relationships all deserve respect, open communication, honesty, integrity and commitment.

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These values go a long way. Working and living with excellence is something we all can and should be known for.

Exercising your gifts and skills honors what God has given you. It honors your parents who want you to do well. It honors the Church. It honors your friends, and it honors your employer.