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You should try to ignore your inner dialogue. This will only distract you from truly listening. You feel the flow of the conversation and are focused on what is really said. You interpret the words in the context of the other person.

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During the training we practiced this a lot. One situation that struck me most was a conversation in which I really tried to be a level 2. What happened was that I used powerful questions, tried to be comfortable with silence and really gave all attention to the other person. He had the feeling I really listened to me and offered him some new insights. Therefore I apply some of the following practices before a coaching conversation:.

In order for coaching to be as effective as possible, coaches need to be able to coach at level 2. And then they need to add the ability to listen at level 3. At level 3 listening you are aware of the energy between you and others. You feel how the energy is changing; you perceive the emotion, body language, gestures and tones used by the speaker. Coaches learn to listen with this soft focus, in order to pick up as much information as possible about the underlying impact in the moment [3].

Trying to listen at level 2 was difficult enough. I can give two examples in which I think to experience level 3 listening:. Mastering the three levels of listening is a crucial condition for every coach. The most effective coaching takes place when the coach is at level 2 and 3. Sure, you will sometimes fall back into level 1 listening. And probably this is done with the best intentions of helping the other person. We the people communicate via email, chat, blog etc. Have the power and the strength within yourself.

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Lift yourself back up. Try again. And again. John started the Changing the Game Project in after two decades as a soccer player and coach on the youth, high school, college and professional level. John is also a regular contributor for SoccerWire.

Way of Champions Conference link: changingthegameproject. Continue Reading April 1, He also speaks to schools, teams, and businesses on a variety of team-building, leadership, and coaching topics. Scott has a blog and a variety of other materials about coaching and athletic topics on his website. Scott is also a member of the Proactive Coaching speaking team. Proactive Coaching is dedicated to helping organizations c reate character and education-based team cultures, while providing a blueprint for team leadership.

They help develop confident, tough-minded, fearless competitors and train coaches and leaders for excellence and significance. Coach Montana has been at St. Cecilia Academy since as the varsity girls head coach at St. Cecilia Academy. Coach Montana played high school basketball at Marist GA , where he helped lead the team to a season his senior year, winning the state championship, and being ranked 6th nationally by USA Today. He has been coaching vasity basketball since , since as head coach. Coach Montana has been serving St. Cecilia as the Vice Principal of Students since Coach Montana also coaches for Upward Stars Nashville.

He and his wife, Shannon, have 8 beautiful children. Websites: stcecilia. GINGA focuses on the individual skills of the player. GINGA will create attacking players, by teaching moves and feints to unbalance your defender. Our goal is to develop total soccer players not positional players, who have an artistic relationship with the ball and the game. That is the time to fail.

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I would be doing something wrong if all the teams I coach at the younger ages win every single game. Janis blogs, podcasts, speaks, and hosts online communities to get her positive message out. Most recently she has written the book 11 Habits of Happy and Positive Sports Parents , a great resource for coaches to give out during their pre-season parent meetings. Since , Miller has trained over players, 83 of which have gone on to play at the Division I level.

Rod Huff is a successful business executive with 30 years experience in the operations and administration area. He began his baseball coaching experience as an assistant coach when his son, Austin, was five years old. His first head coaching experience began in when his company, Sparrow Records, sponsored his 7- and 8-year-old coach-pitch team. That year, as a first-year coach, his team, nicknamed the Birds, went That season ushered in somewhat of a dynasty in his Brentwood, Tennessee, community, where he is known as one of the winningest coaches ever in the local league.

His nine-year record as a head coach includes five league championships and four runner-up titles. Huff took his operational and administrative executive abilities to the ball field and came up with a winning formula of organization, feedback, and motivation, which had parents and players alike asking to be drafted by him every year. Book Website: Coaches Choice. When I think back on my first few years coaching I realize that gamedays were not enjoyable, they were stressful. Why was this?

The main reason was that I did not do a good job of doing as the boy scouts do:. This lack of preparation led to unease of what I would do if unexpected scenarios arose. And more importantly — it took away from my enjoyment of the game and my ability to help the players enjoy the game. Gameday is the time for players to enjoy the fruits of their labor, to showcase everything they have been working hard on in practice.

By not adequately preparing, I was robbing the kids of my full engagement and enjoyment of the day. Here are a few tips on things to prepare in advance of gameday to allow you to feel relaxed because you are ready for pretty much any scenario:. Be prepared. Prepare to enjoy gameday. Robert Murphy works in sales by day, and has started a booming wrestling program by night. Robert was a collegiate champion in wrestling, and has combined his knowledge with his passion to help kids to form Wrestling With Character — a program that provides young athletes the opportunity to grow as individuals by experiencing life lessons through the martial art of wrestling in conjunction with their Six Pillars of Character Curriculum.

Website: wrestlingwithcharacter. Twitter: wwc Stuart does player development for England Rugby by day and shares stuff with the world about talent development by night. Stuart worked in coaching golf for 10 years and invented a game called Try Golf, and over the past years has been involved in developing talent pathways with many athletes, including Olympic athletes and the players at England Rugby. But this never allows the learning to happen. The moment when they are close to figuring it out is actually the sweet spot.

They provide coaches the season-long curriculum and teaching materials to lead their team every week through a powerful minute session. Website: hardwoodhustle. The Knockout Project — theknockoutproject. What does it take to be a winning youth coach? He has been a passionate football coach since , and in , he began writing about offensive football strategy. In this time, he has coached in many different programs and have seen many different styles of offensive football.

From his experiences, he created a complete offensive system called the Pro Style Spread Offense. It is just everything he knows that really works.

Mental Training Chapters 1 & 2 - The Inner Game of Tennis (Reading Group)

It is simple to understand and can be installed with any level of team. He has created an eClinic with all the details on how to install this system with your team. Melody Shuman is a martial arts world champion. She started and ran a successful chain of martial arts schools, then re-invented her entire business and has created a booming business teaching martial arts, and teaching others how to start their own schools.

Cromack is a former collegiate soccer player who left the game after college to run the family bike shop. During his time at the shop he became heavily involved in charity bike rides, raising money and awareness for everything from cancer to education to the homeless. Cromack noticed something about the participants in his charity rides. They were motivated by a higher purpose that gave them the energy and motivation to complete daunting rides.

They focused on a purpose much higher than winning the race, such as raising money by completing a feat of endurance and perseverance. Most importantly, simply by completing their goal, they won! Play Better is an online giving platform that can be run through a simple phone app. Teams create a team page that handles all the administration of charitable receipts, collects reward donations and allows supporters to leave comments or compliments for players or the team.

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