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We buy Rayne Clinical Nutrition as well. It is manufactured 30 min from our house. It is working so far for my Papillon. The kibble are a bit of a challenge to break to use as treats though. So I am considering their comparable wet food as treats for now. Dear Tracy,please let me know what are the exact concentration of those two medicine,and how you passed from prednison to the others. My Yorkshire it has CIL since , and now it has cataracts and loose muscle mass,secondary prednisone. Hi, both meds are compounded so you have to get them at a regular pharmacy.

He gets 0. I hope this helps.

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I found these little socks online that have grippers on the bottom, works great for them since they lost the muscle, he loves them! Tracy, My 11 year-old whippet was just diagnosed with this disease. He is skin and bones at the moment, and we are searching for the best diet and treatment. Your info is really helpful. Would you please share the contact information?

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Not sure if this is going to Tracy or not. If I needed to, I added some of the wet food. I am so glad I read the post. I have a two yr old Doxie he has the same thing his little tummy is so big it drags the floor. He has been on prednisone only for 2 mo but Isee no improvement low fat and high protein.

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Can some one please help. How was diagnosis made? Ultrasound, biopsy? What was his Albumin level? What kind of food are you feeding? Lots of things to try. As most people will tell you there is no one thing that works for everyone. I had such incredible luck finding what worked for Donovan.

He is not even on any meds. I and everyone else will be glad to give our experiences but you need to give us more info regarding your little Chance. I too have found the RC LF is the best food, period. He has been picture perfect for over two years now. No meds, at least not yet. Wish everyone could have such good fortune.

It is a terrible disease and affects everyone so differently, with different complications. Hang in there everyone. Wishing you the best. I would recommend that you look for another vet right away! Enquire if they have had treated other dogs with CIL. Vets need the experience to be proactive in treating these dogs. Also, what are you feeding your dog? If you can make homemade meals, I would recommend that. My doctor put my dog on Tilapia and Potatoes using the ratio formulas from BalanceIt.

Worked extremely well for my dog. Do not get discouraged. You just need to be very proactive in finding what works for your baby. Good luck. I ask the vet about draining his tummy, he said it would take the protein out of his system and we would have to start all over. The dr said give him all the veg. Nothing seems to be helping my baby.

Vets drain the tummies of CIL dogs all the time. Also, salmon is very high in fat, so you should not be feeding your dog salmon. Tilapia is much better. I agree you should definitely change vets!

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I totally agree with Amy on both issues. Also, I no longer give my dogs any type of chicken products, whether cooked or in dry or wet dog food. And I believe a lot of dogs are actually allergic to chicken. So i have cut it totally out of all my dogs diets. And salmon is a very high fat fish. That is why I am saying you need to look for another vet. A vet recommending salmon to a dog with CIL or Lymphangectasia is crazy! Tilapia is also a much less expensive fish than salmon and cooks up very quickly.

I simply add it to boiled or baked potato can also try sweet potato if your dog likes it better. My dog was very sick and has been healthy for over two years now. My baby does not do well with chicken either. Also, is your doggie getting B12 shots? Mine does. Took Chance back to dr today. Do you think this will help my little man.

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Thank you for listening to me. Furosemide is Lasix, which is a diuretic. I think it is time to look for another vet. Do you have a veterinary teaching hospital in your area? You can use this tool to find an internal medicine specialist close to you. Just put in your zip code and, under specialty, choose SAIM it stands for small animal internal medicine.

Good luck with Chance; I hope you can find some help for him. Also, have they administered B12? This dog food is a special type that breaks down the protien, making it easier for your dog to absorb.

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My baby Zoey did really well on the food with B12 shots and did not need steriods! I pray it remains this way. You need to look for another Vet. One who is very familiar and successful in treating IBD and Lympan…. Also, what was their success rate? To me, and this is only my opinion, the Vet should be able to give you an actual number, not a generalization.

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I use this same technique with my own medical doctors. Macximillian now rests no pain, he is in heaven and in our hearts. For a young pup he fought a hard battle. We truly miss him how I wish he was still here. Throwing his ball to you , running in circles and loving everyone he came in contact with.