Never Get Lost Again: Navigating Your HR Career

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How to make sure your internship ends with a full-time job You want to do more than just your job to get ahead. Write these down. Daniel Bortz, Monster contributor. Tags: internship. Related Articles. Comments By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Browse articles by While Human Resources is highly engaged in the strategy and operations of the business enterprise, there is still some "catching up" to do.

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Despite its many contributions to the organization, HR professionals will always have to defend their position as a nonrevenue-generating body, as well as realize that they do not have the same clout as other business groups. We do want to give credit to those HR organizations that have developed profit centers through the sales and marketing of HR software products, training programs, earning tax credits, etc.

We do note, however, that they are in the minority, take time to establish, and can divert attention away from the work of supporting the business. While improvement can be noted around the "tail wagging the dog" and finance people dictating where cost cutting will come from on issues relating to human assets, in the face of a financial downturn in the organizations they service, HR resources and budgets have been and will likely continue to be the first to come under scrutiny.

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In recent years, many organizations have outsourced routine HR functions previously performed in-house. Assuming these initiatives work properly and do cut costs, these steps have been helpful in shoring up Human Resources' credibility in the organization and earning respect for its business-like, bottomline orientation.

The other advantage is that making these moves has allowed the HR organization to focus on more strategic areas of the business where they provide higher value. While Human Resources has made considerable progress in developing clout and respect within the organization, all is not equal in the organizations they serve.

We have experienced discussions where some kind of decision or consideration is made affecting all of the functions in the organization. It might be about making additions to the compensation plan or adding functionality to the Talent Management program. If it involves enhancements, more often than not Human Resources is overlooked in the discussion. If, on the other hand, it is about takeaways such as headcount cuts, then Human Resources is typically near the top of the list.

Also, how many times do our clients say, "You are HR. You are different"?

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While there may be a factual basis to this statement — because at times Human Resources does not fit the mold based on its unique role — the comment can be delivered in a negative way. In addition, when seen as keeper of the company policies and processes, Human Resources sometimes has been tagged as being the "police" or a "traffic cop. Sometimes this "police label" is legitimate because, at times, we don't do a good job of "thinking out of the box.

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Do we find a creative solution to retain him in the company or do we push back saying, "We've never done that before"? While our budget does not allow for executive recruiters, do we find another way to source for the position? If the service center is closed for the day, do we tell him that tomorrow is another day, or do we pull out all the stops to make it happen today?

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We can be rightfully accused of being risk-adverse and buried in the weeds instead of focusing more on strategy. In defense of the mid -level HR practitioner, they may not have the authority to loosely interpret policies or to apply untested solutions.

However, they do have the ability to escalate or recommend to someone who does; they should look for opportunities where this "broker role" can be further developed. Based on how the HR role can be perceived as "second-class citizen" status, sometimes there is additional negative fallout. Higher salaries, better benefits and other perks are often more generously applied to other departments, and Human Resources may not qualify.

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The irony is that the HR function has developed these programs to help the company stay profitable, competitive, and attract the top talent, and yet, at times, HR folks do not personally benefit. Typically, HR people do not get the same opportunities to socialize with vendors, key internal clients, and contacts as readily as their counterparts in other functions. If these opportunities become available, typically one needs to be on a senior level to leverage them. How often do HR folks get invited to the company golf match or company benefit event, where informal relationships and mentorships are developed that later become the springboards to higherlevel jobs, salaries, and perks?

Traditionally, HR groups are subject to tighter budget restrictions, less spending, and more stringent headcount levels. When business results head south, more belt-tightening occurs.

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HR professionals are continually expected to do more with less headcount while their counterparts in other functions are not likely to be as restricted. These conditions further impact the opportunity for career training and development activities. The direction is given that career training and development activities must be put aside for the moment. How often do we come back to them? How often is the energy there to go back and actively pursue them?

Never Get Lost Again: Navigating Your HR Career

Our investment in the grooming and development of HR practitioners may be called into question, as our better performers may grow impatient with the different "rules" and the slower career progression through the organization. They may seek different roles internally or externally as they eye the progress being made on career advancements by those they serve.

We are just making sure you're in the correct place and will guide you in the right direction! In plans to get rid of traditional P45 and P60 forms were announced. The revised system will mean you can access your p45 online, getting rid of the need for paper documents. Paper P45 and P60 documents are now abolished.

Instead, they can be accessed online via your account on the Revenue website. A P45 form is a statement of your pay and deductions for the year up to the date you leave your job. For example, your P45 should list all of your wages and the deductions taxes that were taken out each month.

Your employer will add your leaving and final payment details to the Revenue website when you leave a job, if you retire or if you are taking a career break. If you are transferring from a different branch within the same company, you will only need a p45 if the branch is treated as a separate operating point — your employer will be able to advise on this. A P45 is given to you when leaving a job. Prior to , a P60 was a document given at the end of each year from your current employer, this is now referred to as an end of year statement.

Both documents are now available online on your Revenue account.