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It came across your path for a reason, just like it did for me! Paula Hannasch, Life Coach Medium. I've now created 1 program I'm about to market and another 3 that can easily be added to my calendar. I'm so thrilled! Mandy Russell, Performance Coach. Free Your Time. Stabilize Your Income. Scale Your Coaching Business. Kendall is an award winning leader of the women's entrepreneurial movement and founder of the 1 certified coach training school for women who want to be high earning coaches. In addition, she is the leading authority in women-led coaching groups and her training and mentoring is changing the lives of women by showing them how to use this feminine business model to create extraordinary income, let go of past money blocks, and experience deep, soul level breakthroughs in claiming their worth.

Frequently Asked Questions. A: In our experience, adding group coaching is the fastest, simplest model for quickly achieving 6 and multi 6-figures with very high profit margins.

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Our system works regardless of your fees or coaching group size. Q: Will I recoup my investment in the program? A: Yes -- and very quickly -- by following the strategy and steps we will teach and coach you on. Will 6-Figure Group Coaching Leaders still work for me?

A: Yes, if you want more time freedom, more money, and less complexity in your business. Kendall serves hundreds of clients working just a few hours a week so we are confident in our ability to coach you to make changes in your business. Q: How much coaching experience do I need and what kind of coach is this for?

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  • A: This is for coaches in any niche, who desire to be a high-earning coach. This is best for coaches who already have basic experience coaching clients, meaning you know how to ask powerful questions and ask a client to take action. Kendall and her Master Coaches will teach you specific group coaching skills so that you feel confident and ready to coach in a group format. A: You do not need a following to be successful.

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    Kendall and her Master Coaches will coach you to fill your group using simple online and offline strategies that work. Plus, as your new Coaching Team, Kendall and her coaches will guide you to step into and embrace your own unique leadership style as a Group Coaching Leader.

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    There are so many programs out there. A: This is the only program focused specifically on supporting you to successfully implement Group Coaching into your business. Depending on the resources you have available to you, your first group may be small, but it can still be profitable and dramatically transform your income and positioning in your market. And from there, you can grow! Q: Does adding group coaching to my business require a lot of technology? A: No. There is very little technology needed to get started with group coaching in your business.

    As you grow, there are online tools you might want to consider using. In the beginning you can easily work with just having a customer database system like AWeber, MailChimp, or ConvertKit for example and a web page you can use to post your group coaching recordings and content on. A: This round is a 6 month commitment. We start October 7th, and finish March 31, In the meantime, we encourage you to use all of the 2x monthly Group Coaching calls with Kendall, 2x monthly private coaching with her Master Coaches, online training library, the active Facebook group and ask questions to get the most out of Kendall, her coaching team and this thriving community.

    Q: What if I want more one-on-one coaching with Kendall?

    Meditation to flow healing into your Heart.

    A: Because Kendall devotes her time and energy to her group coaching and her certification programs, she only works with 1 - 2 private clients. However, a higher level group coaching master mind is in the works for and clients in 6-Figure Group Coaching will be the first to hear about -- and qualify for -- those coveted spots. A: Your investment is far less than what many masterminds charge and they don't give you generous private coaching and accountability.

    Kendall prides herself in offering programs that over deliver in value and our clients are delighted at how much private coaching, training, private accountability, help and support they receive for their investment. The investment in this program is 4-figures and our expectation is for you to recoup your investment with your first Coaching Group.

    Your final investment depends on which payment option you choose. We'll happily share all the details in your personal conversation. Q: How do I join? This is to start to get to know you personally. We are continuously praised for how respectful and enlightening these conversations are! It's easy to feel confident in what I have to offer knowing that it's based on such a clear layout. The done-for-you materials make it easy to get started right away - taking this training is a no-brainer In this case, less really is more.

    Thank you Kendall! Monika Villarreal, Coach. She helps you through every aspect so you can deliver a powerful program and avoid pitfalls along the way. If you plan to do group coaching or already do, you will receive great value from this course.

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    I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to create and lead group coaching programs. Kendall's program gives you everything you need and more to confidently bring your gifts and talents to the world. Thank you, Kendall! There's something for everyone to make your stay with us special. Getting here is the easy part. Listen to the haunting sound of loons at dusk and early morning, enjoy the magnificent sunsets, and experience the tranquility of a peaceful, mirrored lake.

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    Breathe in the sweet fragrance of our pine forests and enjoy the smell, sound, and warmth of a crackling fire in the evenings. Drift off to sleep each night listening to the gentle whispering of the water as it caresses the rocks along the shore. Choose Your Cottage. Families have been making memories with us for over 50 years now and we're proud to host multiple generations from the same families for their lakeside cottage rental vacations.

    Read Guest Comments. You can review our rates and download the reservation forms. Thank you to all of our guests who spent time with us in We enjoyed having you and hope you'll return in Here's something to ponder: imagine yourself as a being that is free and full of potential, that can go anywhere it wants and do anything it wants, allowing itself to be put into a body that limits this being to experiencing life from an extremely narrow perspective and keeps it in one place at a time, though it can move about a bit.