The Battle of New Orleans

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In the nineteenth century, the Old Absinthe House…. Philip Street. Almost years ago, in , the Ursuline nuns arrived in New Orleans at the invitation of Governor Bienville.

The Battle Of New Orleans

While awaiting the completion of their convent in , the Ursuline nuns established a school and an orphanage. The Ursuline Order…. Charles, one of the defenses built in during the Spanish period.

Battle of New Orleans - HISTORY

Fort St. A ball passed through his head and he fell against Ensign Weller This was the only man killed near my station.

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It was near the close of the firing The white flag, before mentioned, was raised about ten or twelve feet from where I stood, close to the brestwork and a little to the right. It was a white handkerchief, or something of the kind, on a sword or stick. It was waved several times, and as soon as it was perceived, we ceased firing. Just then the wind got up a little and blew the smoke off, so that we could see the field.

The Battle of New Orleans

It then appeared that the flag had been raised by a British Officer wearing epaulets. It was told he was a Major. He stepped over the brestwork and came into our lines. Among the Tennesseans who had got mixed with us during the fight, there was a little fellow whose name I do not know; but he was a cadaverous looking chap and went by that of Paleface. As the British Officer came in, Paleface demanded his sword.

January 8,1815

He hesitated about giving it to him, probably thinking it was derogatory to his dignity, to surrender to a private all over begrimed with dust and powder and that some Officer should show him the courtesy to receive it. Just at that moment, Co!.

Smiley came up and cried, with a harsh oath, 'Give it up-give it up to him in a minute. A good many others came in just about the same time. On the opposite side of the brestwork there was a ditch about ten feet wide, made by the excavation of the earth, of which the work was formed. In it, was about a foot or eighteen inches of water, and to make it the more difficult of passage, a quantity of thornbush had been cut and thrown into it.

War of 1812: Battle of New Orleans

In this ditch a number of British soldiers were found at the close under the brestwork, as a shelter from our fire. These, of course, came in and surrendered. When the smoke had cleared away and we could obtain a fair view of the field, it looked, at the first glance, like a sea of blood. It was not blood itself which gave it this appearance but the red coats in which the British soldiers were dressed.

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Captions English Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. The Battle of New Orleans. General Andrew Jackson stands on the parapet of his makeshift defenses as his troops repulse attacking Highlanders. The Highlanders are incorrectly depicted wearing kilts and feather bonnets as the 93rd Highlanders for this campaign had been ordered to wear tartan trousers and plain bonnets - in fact the uniforms shown are more Victorian in style than Georgian.

Battle Facts

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