The Years Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2011 Edition

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June 27, March 15, Josh Viola. February 1, December 15, Jason Heller, Joshua Viola. November 8, Mercedes Lackey. May 3, Czech language. April 1, Greg Bear.

The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction | Books | The Guardian

December 8, Marian Truta. Translated by Cristina Nan. November 16, Paul Jessup. October 31, Translated by Jing Yanfei. September 1, May 1, Tangent Online Recommended Reading List. April 2, November 1, Translated by Daniela Orlando. Russian language. Translated by Togrul Safarov. August 1, Scott H. Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Brotherton. Neil Clarke, Sean Wallace. July 1, January 1, Gardner Dozois.

Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling. October 12, Sean Wallace. June 1, JoSelle Vanderhooft. Rachel Swirsky, Sean Wallace. Jason B. John Klima. Paul Jessup, Jeremy Needle. Darin Bradley.

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Andy Cox. Sharon Dodge.

Janet Chui, Jason Erik Lundberg. Andrew Finch. Aleta Daknis. More info. About Matt Photo by Christine Kressel. Newsletter Sign up now to receive news of Matthew Kressel's fiction and occasional free ebooks. Email Address Sign Up. But the book is fantastic.

The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction

Stephenson stages a crazy narrative collision between Chinese virus-writing gamers, a millionaire videogame entrepreneur, Russian mafia, rural American anti-government "wack jobs," and a murderous Welsh terrorist. With those kinds of characters in play, and a lot of dry humor, Stephenson absolutely hits it out of the park. Not only is Reamde a terrific high tech thriller, but it's also a profoundly interesting take on what it means to be American in the twenty-first century.

After the Apocalypse , by Maureen McHugh Small Beer Press This collection of short stories offer us a portrait of the near future that is both emotionally and technologically believable. You aren't ready for tomorrow until you've seen it through McHugh's observant gaze. Maureen McHugh's latest short story collection, After the Apocalypse , is a dark look at what the next century might hold for ordinary people. Known for intense, character-driven work in novels like China Mountain Zhang and Nekropolis , McHugh makes even the most extraordinary circumstances feel as real as blood. These nine stories take place in a world that has been ravaged by prion diseases and economic collapse, even as it enters a new age of artificial intelligence and green biotech.

You won't be able to forget the people you meet there. The results are beautiful, horrifying, and unforgettable. Unlike every other species with language, the Areikei don't distinguish between language and reality. To them, Language isn't symbolic - it is one with the things it describes. For this reason, they have no writing too symbolic and can't lie that would be describing something that isn't. Also, they can only understand Language when it is spoken by a biological entity with thought behind it - because after all, Language, thought and reality are one.

They can't understand Language synthesized by computers, which is a big problem since no single human can pronounce Language. The Ariekei, you see, have two mouths.

Post-apocalyptic stories are chock full of wish-fulfillment. Rugged individualism holds sway. Every survivor is as special as Harry Potter, just by virtue of being alive. We get to rebuild this whole mess, without all that postmodern clutter. And so on. The most jarring thing about Colson Whitehead's novel Zone One might be how purposefully Whitehead goes about tearing these fantasies apart.

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Zone One is about the only thing worse than living through the apocalypse - taking part in a heroic effort to rebuild civilization afterwards. Zoo City , by Lauren Beukes Angry Robot We described Zoo City as "a jarring urban fantasy about an alternate Johannesburg where criminals are matched with magical animals. She said:. I do try to tackle the issues that make me angry in my fiction, from surveillance society to xenophobia to the divides between people and the evils of autotune.

It's fantastical and it has magical animals and ghosts that communicate through cell phones and emails and crime and music and refugees and inner city slums, but at heart it's a book about guilt and the possibility of redemption. Here's what we said about it:. In the s, energy resources and the economy in America have collapsed.

The poor live in "stacks," vertical trailer parks outside cities where old mobile homes are piled on top of each other. A few lucky kids get to attend school online, in a virtual world called the OASIS that has replaced the Web with an ultra-fast, immersive 3D space. But there's an escape hatch even more appealing than gaming. OASIS creator James Halliday has died, and his will stipulates that his massive fortune will go to the gamer who finds three "keys" that unlock an Easter Egg in his virtual world. Nobody can figure out where the first key is, until Wade, working alone in his unheated van at the bottom of the Oklahoma City stacks, figures it out. And that's when things in this fantastic page-turner get really get crazy. Dystopian but with a heart of gold, this novel is the perfect escape-from-reality book that is guaranteed to erase your feelings of boredom and depression, no matter how severe.

A Dance with Dragons , by George R. Martin Bantam Possibly the most anticipated fantasy novel of the year or years , the fifth installment in Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series doesn't disappoint. For the most part.