Turkey in 2011 (SETA Policy Reports)

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Paid for by Turkish Ministry of Culture funds, it is planned to open at the end of The majority of countries either expressed their support for the government or called for restraint. On 16 July , however, a proposed United Nations Security Council statement denouncing the coup was not accepted by Egypt , a non-permanent member of the Council at the time, due to textual disagreements.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif voiced support for democracy in a Twitter message in the early hours of the unrest, writing "Stability, and democracy in Turkey are paramount". European Commissioner dealing with Turkey's EU membership bid, Johannes Hahn , said it appears Turkey's government prepared arrest lists of political opponents before the coup attempt and had been waiting for the right time to act. The President pledged any needed assistance to the Turkish government as they conduct and investigation to determine exactly what happened.

I am certain they will continue as a committed and strong NATO ally. He also expressed support for the elected Turkish government and respect for the courage of the Turkish people for resisting the coup plotters.

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On 29 July , the commander of U. On July, 20, there were reports that a group of Turkish military commandos coup fugitives would try to cross from Turkey to the island of Symi , in the southeastern Aegean, at Greece. These reports put the Greek armed forces on alert. Also, the Greek Coast Guard was on alert and increased the patrols in the area, especially after a group of inflatable dinghies and other vessels were seen departing from Datca , on the Turkish coast, in the direction of Symi, they monitored the movements of the Turkish vessels, which remained in Turkish waters.

Furthermore, a contingent of the Greek Police was dispatched to Symi to conduct checks there. Athens had been anticipating a possible attempt by participants in the failed coup to come to Greece and so took the reports seriously. In addition, Turkish F fighter jets were scrambled to check reports that missing Turkish coast guard vessels had appeared in Greek waters in the Aegean. Later on the day, the Turkish interior ministry denied claims that rebel soldiers might have "hijacked" a vessel to flee to Greece.

It's one thing to say sorry to Putin and patch up relations with Netanyahu ; but when you can no longer trust your army, there are more serious matters to concentrate upon. The citizen journalism site Bellingcat published an analysis of the messages of a WhatsApp group consisting of high-ranking military officials who had taken part in the coup covering their activities including them killing several people. The messages were cross referenced with video footage. According to this version, the putschists had to quickly bring forward their coup attempt, before they would be disposed and arrested.

During and after the events, several politicians and commentators suggested that the government knew about the coup in advance and possibly directed it; for example, Turkey's main opposition party, the Republican People's Party , within its minority report on the putsch and its aftermath, described it as a "foreseen and preventable controlled coup whose results have been exploited.

Journalists and opposition politicians branded it a 'tragic comedy' and 'theatre play'. Other elements that were claimed to support the conspiracy theory included: no list of demands by the coup plotters, the organization and response of the police, the long lists of arrests that seemed to be ready surprisingly quickly including arrests of 2, judges and 2, soldiers , and the highly visible nature of the coup actions.

There were events that did happen, but by the time that the document started, those events didn't happen. It looks like a bigger plan was there, and part of the plan did not come to pass. Thousands of arrests and purges were conducted by Turkish authorities between 16—18 July , as noted above. The sheer number of these arrests made at such a speed could only be done so if the "Turkish government had all those lists ready", as suggested by Johannes Hahn , European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy , on 18 July Hahn also claimed that because these lists were already available immediately after the coup, the "event was prepared" and the lists were to be used "at a certain stage".

A number of social media users have compared the coup attempt to the Reichstag fire in , which Adolf Hitler used as an excuse to suspend civil liberties and order mass arrests of his opponents. The source noted: "Probably we'll see an early election [in] which he'll try to guarantee an unbelievable majority of the votes. And this will probably guarantee another 10—15 years of authoritarian, elected dictatorship.

Politicians and journalists [ who? Skeptics argued that the coup would be used as an excuse for further erosion of judicial independence and a crackdown on the opposition, essentially giving the AKP greater and unstoppable power over all state institutions and paving the way for a more radical Islamist agenda at odds with the founding principles of the Turkish Republic. Public prosecutors are already investigating them.

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  5. On 12 July , Stockholm Center for Freedom , a monitoring group with alleged links to the Hizmet movement that tracks Turkey, published a controversial pages report asserting that the coup bid was in fact orchestrated by President Erdogan as a false flag in order to consolidate his powers, set up his opposition for a mass persecution, and push Turkish Armed Forces into a military incursion into Syria. According to the report, it uncovered new evidence from 11 July , four days before the planned coup bid, that a secret plan was circulated among select group of Armed Forces to give an appearance of a coup attempt.

    The plan was sanctioned by intelligence and military chiefs with the approval of Erdogan. In early November , Turkish authorities issued an arrest warrant for Henri J. Fuller , [] an American author and political analyst specializing in Islamic extremism [] after a long CIA career [] and holding the role of vice-chair of the United States National Intelligence Council.

    Barkey denied his alleged role in the coup, stating, "These accusations are so ludicrous that they do not even deserve the term 'science fiction'. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. July attempted military junta coup in Turkey.

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